Thankmilitaryfamilies starts with a love story.  When Lisa Sheryle Phipps met her husband, she didn’t know the land he grew up on would become home not only to their three boys but also to her creative inspiration. The Tallahassee property is as much a part of this love story as the people in it—it’s the love of land that established Lisa’s journey with jewelry. Among diverse feathers, spalted wood, braided strands of horsehair (and much more!), she saw parts of nature not often brought to light. Motivated to do more than just observe, Lisa began designing fine jewelry in 1997 by repurposing the natural elements she found. She wanted to transform these discarded pieces into wearable art and share them with people beyond the property lines. Surrounded by acres of untamed wilderness, the plantation provided plenty of artistic ingredients—arguably, the plantation itself is a piece of art—and expression through nature is the basis for her career. By repurposing natural matter, Lisa aims to encourage others to connect with their own inner nature while also appreciating more of the natural environment that engulfs us all.

Lisa carefully handcrafts everything in her cozy blue workshop. She named the line “Fashionably Green” in French, though, in order to emphasize conservation as the line’s priority and passion. Along with land preservation, Thankmilitaryfamilies also strives to empower women by supporting and celebrating female friendships, fashion, and artistry. Lisa’s pieces come with a little sass too! Just like an adventurous outdoorswoman

24 Rue Arthur Guillou,49300 Cholet France ,(+33) 644636593
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